[EP-tech] https problem?

Sheppard, Nick N.E.Sheppard at leedsmet.ac.uk
Thu Apr 18 17:19:33 BST 2013

Dear eprints techs

We continue to have problems getting eprints (3.3.11) working on a dev server -we have set up to use https and it redirects from http://eprints-eval  to https://eprints-eval correctly but seems to specify non-https links in the menu (Manage deposits, Manage records, Profile etc) which bounces you back to the non-https site which redirect you again, but by this time has lost the session so you need to log in again (oddly, the 'edit page phrases' and 'logout' links do work OK and point at the https version...)
Is it perhaps a config issue and if so any idea of the files we should be looking at?



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