[EP-tech] How to erase the Archive created

Geetha Thanu thanu.geetha at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 13:57:50 BST 2012


I did a mistake while running bin/epadmin create.

Proceeded from step *Archive ID*? to *Admin Emai*l correctly.

When it asked *Archive name ?* given a wrong archive name, but realized it,
after saying yes to write core settings!!

When it asked for creation of database, instead of saying yes, pressed ctrl
Z and came out of epadmin.

Now confused what to do?

I wanted to again start the epadmin/create and wanted to do a fresh start
after removing the archive ID and archive already created.

It is not allowing and says that archive id already present. Wanted the
same archive id only.

Please help to solve this.

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