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Ian Stuart Ian.Stuart at ed.ac.uk
Tue Sep 4 15:09:02 BST 2012

On 04/09/12 06:23, Masomeh Adhami wrote:
> Hi
>   I would like to know how to take full backup from my eprints
> repository? I want to import this backup to another eprints repository

How to copy data from one instance of the Depot to another

when creating a new version of the service, you will want to copy the 
data across.

Use the admin interface of the service, and export all the users (as 
"EP3 XML") and items (as "EP3 XML with Files Included")

Having created a working installation, with the additional tables, extra 
fields, and new code used in the EDINA service, and at least tested that 
one can generate the static pages, you are ready to import data.

The users should be imported with their own userIDs, and their existing 

  bin/import depot --enable-import-ids --enable-import-datestamps user 
XML exported.users.file.xml

You will also need to copy across the (encrypted) passwords, as these 
are not included in the export file (wisely enough.)

This can really only be done at SQL level:

   Update newDB.user, oldDB.user SET newDB.user.password = 
oldDB.user.password where newDB.user.userid = oldDB.user.userid

The eprints also need to be imported, keeping the ID tags (which should 
therefor match the original depositors) and the data/time stamps (so 
maintain a sense of chronology):

   bin/import depot --enable-import-ids --enable-import-datestamps 
eprint XML exported.eprints.file.xml


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