[EP-tech] doi import failed

Jean-Marie Le Bechec Jean-Marie.LeBechec at inp-toulouse.fr
Fri Oct 26 09:45:57 BST 2012


we encountered an error when importing a DOI (10.1684/agr.2010.0373). 
See the screen capture(performed on site demo eprints)

I have tried accessing the DOI via the CrossRef site and I receive the 
correct data.

What cani do? Thanks.



Jean Marie Le Bechec
Service Commun de la Documentation
Responsable ingenierie documentaire
Direction du Systeme d'Information
Referent Etudes

Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse
6 allee Emile Monso - bp 34038 -
31029 Toulouse cedex 4
Tel : 05 34 32 31 16
Mail : lebechec at inp-toulouse.fr

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