[EP-tech] Indexer process chokes mysql after repository launch

Florian Heß hess at ub.uni-heidelberg.de
Tue Oct 23 09:33:08 BST 2012


I'd be very glad if someone help me, please.

After launching our EPrints repository with a migrated collection of 
about 12500 documents, the indexer sent to mysql a monstrous query at a 
time I'd already called it a day and didn't leave any processes running 
and any succeeding queries would remain locked until the connection 
limit of mysql was reached (300 conns). Guess simply setting the limit 
to, say, 1000 will not really solve the problem?

The relevant mysql process_list entry is attached. What is wrong? I 
think it is unlikely (and I hope it's not this) that it is the number of 
eprints as the fulltexts were available for a couple of weeks before 
launch. It is more likely that it has to do with EPrints repository 
being unlocked for the public, is it?

Additional by-problem: We consider it a major security risk that EPrints 
sends sensible information to the client. How to deactivate that one for 
all? (notwithstanding appropriate logging)

EPrints System Error

Error connecting to MySQL server: Too many connections. To fix this 
increase max_connections in my.cnf:


Kind regards,
Florian Heß

UB Heidelberg (Altstadt)
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