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Mark Gregson mark.gregson at qut.edu.au
Mon Oct 15 01:36:05 BST 2012

The obvious question: what about an export plugin and the existing access point at http://example.com/cgi/export/<eprint-id>/<export-plugin-id>/quteprints-eprint-53856.txt?

If an export plugin is unsuitable I think the most appropriate way to do this is to use a CGI script that delegates to the ScreenProcessor and a view plugin.

Some added polish would be a function in your cfg.d that is registered for the URL rewrite trigger and allow you to have prettier URLs for your end point, perhaps even URLs that fit with EPrints' RESTful API.


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Hi everyone,

Does anybody have an opinion as to what is the best way to make an AJAX
(JSON) end-point available? Should I be creating a view plug in for this or a new CGI script?

Best wishes,
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