[EP-tech] Cannot change logo using web interface

Tan Siao Yuan sytan at sunway.edu.my
Fri Oct 12 12:00:12 BST 2012


I just successfully install eprints-3.3.10-7745.el6.noarch to my CentOS 6,
thing seems to be running fine and found the libxml2 broke the XML parsing
and has downgraded to older version which work fine.

The problem I am facing now is whenever I use the web interface to upload
the logo, I got the message Image successfully uploaded, but still remain
the same ePrints logo.  In the httpd error log, I can see the following, and
no idea what is wrong.

Undefined phrase: lib/searchexpressionaction_search (en) at line 845 in

It works if I FTP the file in and replace the original.  But now web
interface is not working, not too sure whether other functionality in the
installation work fine or not.

Help is appreciated.


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