[EP-tech] BUG: Multiple workflows

John Salter J.Salter at leeds.ac.uk
Thu Oct 11 09:58:30 BST 2012

[Based on EPrints 3.3.10]
Multiple workflows don't work properly. There are two issues outlined below:
1. Links from item view screen assume default workflow is used
2. 'required' fields are based on the default workflow.

I discovered this when using the 'data core' bazaar plugin.
'data core' uses a simplified workflow for 'dataset' item types : cfg/workflows/eprint/data_core.xml

There is still the 'default.xml' workflow.

In the 'details' tab of the item screen (/cgi/users/home?screen=EPrint%3A%3AView&eprintid=XXX), all the links to unspecified fields assume the default workflow.
All the 'required' fields are also taken from the default workflow.
<field ref="contact_email"/>
<!-- No 'ispublished field' -->

<field ref="contact_email" required="yes"/>
<field ref="ispublished" required="yes"/>

Results in items using the data_core workflow *requiring* both the contact_email and the 'ispublished' fields. This is a real problem if the field isn't even rendered in the workflow used!

I think I'll be using one workflow with some high-level branching for the time being!


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