[EP-tech] OAI harvester questions

Florian Heß hess at ub.uni-heidelberg.de
Fri Nov 23 11:05:59 GMT 2012


we plan to use http://files.eprints.org/798/ in order to harvest an OJS 
repository on a regular basis. There are no stable and robust add-ons 
for this specific software, are there?

Concerning OAI harvester 1.04 I have two questions:

1. Are there particular reasons why you preferred to develop your own 
OAI module over reusing Berger's Net::OAI::Harvester module? The latter 
is installed at our site already. As it required a whole bunch of 
CPAN-installed dependencies it's a pity we cannot continue to use it. :-/

2. Is it possible to harvest multiple sets at once? I know that OAI 
doesn't support that, but it'd be okay for us to harvest all records by 
not setting the &set parameter and then to filter afterwards by doing 
`next if !grep $wanted_sets{$_}, $header->sets` (there is/was a bug in 
Net::OAI::Harvester because of which set labels are chained one after 
another on sets() call - might be one reason to 1).
We need it as OJS applies to a record one more set for each 
journal-specific contribution type, of which we would like to include 
some and/or exclude others.

Kind regards,
F Heß
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