[EP-tech] Re: How to link to another stage in workflow

Yuri yurj at alfa.it
Mon Nov 12 09:11:52 GMT 2012

Il 09/11/2012 15:21, Roland Roth-Steiner ha scritto:
> Hello Yuri,
> thanks for your reply, but I want to display a _link_ to a previous
> stage (upload), not display the stage itself.

the "next" button is like a link, isn't it? For the link itself, just 
copy the url on the address bar of the browser, it works (and you can 
use it to access to stages which are excluded to the workflow). the 
problem is how to insert the link, I think you've to write a screen 
plugin or modify an existing one.

>>> how can I link from one workflow-stage to another?
>>> Thanks
>> you can use condition on stages:
>> <epc:if test="type = 'my_type'">
>> <stage ref="my_next_stage"/>
>> <epc:choose>
>> so you can include/exclude stages. When you click on "Next", the
>> workflow flow is recreated using this condition, so you can hide the
>> next three stages and go to the fourth.

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