[EP-tech] Re: The Importance of Repository EC- (OpenAire) and RCUK-Compliance Tags for Mandate Compliance Verification

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Date: Mon, Nov 5, 2012 at 1:18 PM
Subject: Re: [Dspace-general] The Importance of Repository EC- (OpenAire)
and RCUK-Compliance Tags for Mandate Compliance Verification

Hi DSpace Users,

I just wanted to follow up to this request to let everyone know that, as of
DSpace 3.0 (coming in late November / early December), DSpace has a
completely rewritten OAI-PMH interface which is now compliant with both
OpenAIRE (http://www.openaire.eu/) and DRIVER (http://www.driver-support.eu/

This new feature for DSpace 3.0 was provided by Lyncode (
http://www.lyncode.com) and our latest DSpace Committer, João Melo.

More information on this brand new OAI-PMH interface (nicknamed "OAI 2.0")
can be found in the DSpace 3.0 documentation at:


If any DSpace Users would like to try out this new, or help us test the new
OAI-PMH interface in general, we are holding a second testathon this week.

You can test things on our demo server: http://demo.dspace.org/
You can download DSpace 3.0 Release Candidate #3 and install it locally to
test: http://sourceforge.net/**projects/dspace/files/DSpace%**

More info on Testathon is at: https://wiki.duraspace.org/**


- Tim

On 11/4/2012 12:32 PM, Stevan Harnad wrote:

>     /**Cross-Posted **/
> It is extremely important for the success of both funder and
> institutional OA mandates worldwide that eprints, dspace and all other
> repositories be made compliant with funder harvesting requirements such
> as those of OpenAIRE <http://www.openaire.eu> (as Eloy Rodrigues
> indicates in the passage appended after this message).
> For deposit mandates to work, they need to have /a reliable and
> date-stamped compliance verification mechanism/.
> */Plea to repository managers and software developers //world-wide/: *
> This is the time to make sure that your repositories implement the
> requisite metadata tags for specifying the funding agency (US, EU or
> RCUK) as well as the article's journal acceptance date).
> A system must be designed for ensuring that the mandate will actually be
> complied with, which means that there has to be an effective, timely
> monitoring mechanism, with swift feedback and consequences in case of
> non-compliance.
> That means that immediate-deposit of full-text upon acceptance for
> publication has to be monitored continuously, based on authors' ongoing
> publication calendar dates not just retrospectively in 4-6-year batches.
> If compliance is instead left to the the latter -- long-delayed
> retrospective batches -- then even the talk about a "6-12-month embargo"
> becomes meaningless! Embargos can only be observed if publication dates
> are observed, and hence if deposits, whether embargoed or unembargoed,
> are immediate. That's how deposit-date needs to be integrated into RCUK
> authors' annual work-flow, including the all-important date-stamping by
> the official date of the journal's letter of acceptance -- not the
> wildly varying and incalculable date on which the journal issue actually
> appears -- which is in turn often far from the calendar date of
> publication: as much as a year or more at times.)
> The EC's and RCUK's  mandates have to be integrated with institutional
> mandates so as to implement the following 8 shared conditions:
>     (1) *immediate-deposit* (even if access to the deposit is allowed to
>     be embargoed):
>     (2) of the *final peer-reviewed draft*
>     (3) on the *date of acceptance* by the journal (which is marked by a
>     verifiable calendar date-stamp)
>     (4) and the immediate-deposit must be directly in the *author's own
>     institutional repository* (not institution-externally -- central
>     repositories can harvest from IRs)
>     (5) so that immediate-deposit can be *monitored and verified by the
>     author's institution* (regardless of whether the mandate is from a
>     funder or the institution)
>     (6) as a *funding compliance condition* and/or an *institutional
>     employment condition*
>     (7) and institutional repository must be designated as the *sole
>     locus of deposit * for submitting publications for institutional
>     performance evaluation, funder conditions and national research
>     assessment.
>     (8) Repository deposits must be monitored so as to generate *rich
>     and visible metrics of usage and citation* so as to verify and
>     reward authors' deposits as well as to showcase and archive the
>     institution's and funder's research output and impact.
> An instance of mututally reinforcing funder and institutional policies
> is the FRS-FNRS
> <http://openaccess.eprints.**org/index.php?/archives/864-.**html<http://openaccess.eprints.org/index.php?/archives/864-.html>>
> policy in
> Belgium.
> Best wishes,
> Stevan Harnad
> *On 2012-11-04, at 12:39 PM, "Eloy Rodrigues"  [OpenAire] wrote:*
>     Hi Stevan,
>     I agree with the recommendations for compliance-verification for RCUK
>     that I've seen in another message.
>     Regarding OpenAIRE we tried that our infrastructure helps/cooperate
>     (and not
>     compete) with the network of institutional repositories. We tried to
>     have
>     very "low barrier" guidelines for compliance (we are now calling
>     compatibility), basically just requiring identification of the EC
>     project
>     and access status (Open Access, embargoed, closed) in a "standard" way.
>     EC funded publications will be regularly harvested from
>     compliant/compatible
>     repositories. So, authors from institutions with compliant
> repositories,
>     just need to deposit on their repository to comply to the EC policy.
> And
>     even if an author goes to the OpenAIRE portal to deposit a
>     publication, he
>     will be re-directed to the repository of it's own institution.
>     But unfortunately the number of compliant repositories is still not
> high
>     enough (except on some southern countries like Portugal and Spain),
>     and is
>     particularly low in the UK...
>     Best,
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