[EP-tech] cgi/counter output

Anthony Worrall anthony.worrall at reading.ac.uk
Fri May 4 14:45:34 BST 2012


Is there any detail description of the output of cgi/counter?

In particular what is the difffence between archive,buffer,eprint and inbox

I think it maybe 

Inbox: All documents/metadata that uses have started but not submitted
Buffer: All documents/metadata submitted but not approved
Achive: All approved documents/metadata
Deletion: All documents/metadata that have been approved but then deleted 
Eprints: Sum of all the above

Is that correct?

access: 3989922
archive: 21695
buffer: 408
cachemap: 83
coversheet: 1
deletion: 95
document: 2544
eprint: 23282
event_queue: 12
file: 272871
history: 297182
import: 22
inbox: 1084
loginticket: 63
message: 3
metafield: 0
request: 440
saved_search: 53
subject: 1083
triple: 995537
upload_progress: 30
user: 4780


Anthony Worrall
School of Systems Engineering
University of Reading

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