[EP-tech] EP3.2 bugfix: datetime search with seconds and OAI date granularity YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ

Dennis - UT dv.eprints at gmail.com
Wed May 9 08:34:36 BST 2012


A small bugfix for those still on EPrints 3.2.

We found out that the OAI provider did not process from & until dates
with hours/minutes/seconds properly even though it advertises support
for it. This problem seemed to be solved in 3.3. A little code
comparison showed a small difference in the file
system/perl_lib/EPrints/Search/Condition/Comparison.pm. After copying
this to 3.2, the problem was solved.

So, to fix the problem go to
system/perl_lib/EPrints/Search/Condition/Comparison.pm, on line 82,

	if( $self->{field}->isa( "EPrints::MetaField::Date" ) && $nparts > 3 )


	if( !$self->{field}->isa( "EPrints::MetaField::Date" ) && $nparts > 3 )

University of Twente

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