[EP-tech] sitemap creation

Fatih Ozturk fozturk at ibu.edu.ba
Thu Mar 29 13:16:31 BST 2012

I have successfully installed and start using the eprints system. We are 
very pleased with the functionality we have and working on customizing 
the interface.
I have searched for sitemap on eprints and found that it has automatic 
sitemap creation. Unfortunately I couldn't find any further documents or 
emails on how to configure it.
My question is on my site There are 741 published items and I cannot see 
any of them through automatic http://eprints.ibu.edu.ba/sitemap.xml 
file. Is there some other steps I need to do? Do I need to modify 
perl_lib/EPrints/Apache/SiteMap.pm file?
I really appreciate any help on the issue.

Fatih Öztürk
IT Center Manager
Office Tel: +387-33-944442

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