[EP-tech] Adding link to database of experts -- vague instructions

Alex Birchall a.birchall at mdx.ac.uk
Fri Mar 23 14:13:19 GMT 2012


I am using EPrints 3.2.8 (Apple Crumble).

I have been handed some vague, disjointed instructions that would supposedly add a link from an item's summary record page to and "expert database".  Trouble is, I am finding the instructions a bit hard to interpret.

The instructions essentially say this.

Do something with the related_url section in the file /usr/share/archives/archiveID/cfg/cfg.d/eprint_fields.pl. (What?)

Rename the author to Expert's profile in the file /usr/share/archives/archiveID/cfg/lang/en/phrases/local.xml.  Put this line into that file:
"<epp:phrase id="eprint_fieldopt_related_url_type_author">Expert's Profile</epp:phrase>" (this file does not exist, should I create it?)

Apparently, the above "overwrites the default (which is just Author)."

Make sure they are rendered by editing the file /usr/share/eprints3/archives/archiveID/cfg/citations/eprint/summary.xml.  Add the following to that file:

  <epc:if test="is_set(related_url)">
      <p style="text-align: center; margin: 1em auto 0em auto"><epc:print expr="related_url" /></p>
 <epc:if test="is_set(doi)">
    <li>  <epc:print expr="doi" /></li>

Do these instructions make sense?

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