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Rory McNicholl r.mcnicholl at ulcc.ac.uk
Wed Mar 21 10:54:26 GMT 2012

Hmmm managed to send this to the EPrints Tech list instead of Jose... 
Silly me!

But that does provide some context for what I was supposed to send to 

We're knocking together some specific repo training for a customer on an 
internal wiki. We were intending to provide links to the EPrints wiki but...

The EPrints Wiki appears down at the moment. Seems to have been for the 
last couple of days. Has it been moved again? Should we just wait?



On 21/03/2012 10:12, Rory McNicholl wrote:
> Morning Jose,
> How shall we divide the labour for the wiki pages today? Are there any 
> that you'd particularly like to do?
> I guess I should do 'Batch editing ' as I intend to continue the 
> task-theme from 'Subject Editing'.
> Other than that I have no strong feelings about the which of the 'next 
> four' to pick...
> Cheers,
> Rory

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