[EP-tech] broken linkS in 'review summary mail' for editor

Thomas Lauke th.lauke at arcor.de
Mon Mar 19 10:32:36 GMT 2012

The line
<p><epc:pin name="n"/> item(s) <a href='{$config{userhome}}?screen=Review'>awaiting review</a>.</p>
of lib/lang/en/phrases/system.xml isn't expanded correctly ('/cgi/users/home?screen=Review' seems to be incomplete and doesn't work!)!?

The line
<p>To cancel or temporarily disable this email update, <epc:pin name="url">click here</epc:pin>.</p> is expanded to
<p>To cancel or temporarily disable this email update, <epc:pin name=http://entw-server.grs.de/cgi/users/home?screen=User%3A%3AEdit&userid=4>click here</epc:pin>.</p>, e.g.
Imho it should be (that link works for me) something like

Thanks for some correction in advance

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