[EP-tech] multilang eprints.* fields show up as HASH(0xhexnumber) in html head

Dobrica Pavlinušić dpavlin at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 14:49:33 GMT 2012

We are using eprints 3.3.8 from Debian package and decided to use
multilang fields for title, keywords and abstracts to provide English
translation along with our Croatian originals.

However, when EPrints generates <meta> tags we get something like this:

<meta name="eprints.title" content="HASH(0xfc3107a8)" />
<meta name="eprints.ispublished" content="submitted" />
<meta name="eprints.subjects" content="SOC" />
<meta name="eprints.full_text_status" content="public" />
<meta name="eprints.keywords" content="HASH(0xfc236248)" />
<meta name="eprints.keywords" content="HASH(0xfc301f40)" />
<meta name="eprints.abstract" content="HASH(0xfc315c48)" />
<meta name="eprints.abstract" content="HASH(0xfc330770)" />

This makes *some* sense, because we have one title, and multilang
keywords and abstract for this entry, however I would love to have
text inside content. This is especially bad for Google Scholar and
other crawlers (including Zoterro) which seem to prefer eprints.* meta
fields as opposed to DC.title and/or DC.subject.

I should also stress out that DC.* meta fileds are correctly generated
(once, using default language to select one of available values).

I did try to find my way through source code using grep, but I'm stuck
where to look. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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