[EP-tech] Re: creators_id required

Yuri yurj at alfa.it
Wed Jun 27 14:20:31 BST 2012

I would like to force the user to enter the creators_id in the creators 
field. I can make the field required using the workflow, but it does not 
force the user to fill the id part (I use it for the email).

creators_name and creators_given are checked by fields_validate.pl, but 
I'm unable to do the same check using creators_id, as you can see in the 
code below.

Any idea on this?

Il 27/06/2012 12:19, Yuri ha scritto:
> Hi!
>    how to configure eprints to have creators_id required? I don't know
> using workflow. Using fields_validate.pl, this is my code:
>                           if( $field->get_name eq "creators_id" )<-
> still have to add the check on the value...
>                           {
>                                   push @problems,
>                                           $session->html_phrase(
> "validate:missing_email",
>                                                   fieldname=>$fieldname );
>                           }
> this should always return a problem, but instead it does nothing.... Any
> idea?
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