[EP-tech] views_render to manipulate a views index

Stephen Shorrock sms67 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Jun 27 11:34:49 BST 2012

Dear list,

I've created a view on the authors_id|editors_id but when displaying I 
would like to replace the ids (username) of the users with their 
associated account names as stored in the users table.  These account 
names have to be looked up as they are not saved as part of the 
publication (when the publication is rendered the UNDEFINED is hidden), 
as the user does exist in the publication but may have a slightly 
different name as published by the journal and these names are saved 
without usernames.

My question is:  Is there a way via the configuration options of EPrints 
to implement such a lookup & replacement (creators_id / username => 
account name) for the purpose of views, I was looking at some of the 
views_render examples as provided with the application could the 
replacement be done via one of these.  There is no documentation about 
views_render on the EPrints website.

Thanks in advance


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