[EP-tech] Re: MePrints

Sebastien Francois sf2 at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Tue Jun 19 17:02:38 BST 2012

On 19/06/12 16:58, Centro de Documentación wrote:
> Hi Patrick,
> I don't know how to create a user set in IRStats.
> In file irstats.cgi I added this:
> set_ids = divisions, subjects, creators_name, user
"userid" not "user" -> it's the name of the field in the eprint dataset.

then you need to regenerate the stats.

> but I think I need to do something else.
> I looked the z_meprints.pl but I didn't understand it at all. Sorry,
> I'm a novel user.
What are you trying to do / understand?

> I want to show user info + user scientific output widgets (not user
> deposit) on meprints profiles.
Start by copying an existing widget (Plugins/MePrints/Widgets/) and then 
you need to implement the render() method to display stuff.


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