[EP-tech] problem with views ordering

Leonardo Mezzina leonardo.mezzina at imtlucca.it
Wed Feb 29 12:29:13 GMT 2012

Hi everyone,
I recently upgraded to Eprints 3.3.8 on my Ubuntu machine, but I noticed 
a problem with views.
The problem is in the ordering the output is displayed, take for example 
the standard creators view from here

If you note the last item in the article section is displayed last 
ignoring the order option, which is the default
order => "-date/title". The same problem with the last item in the 
working paper section.

Is there something wrong ?

Best regards, Leonardo

Leonardo Mezzina
IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca
Piazza San Ponziano, 6
55100 Lucca - Italy
Tel: +39 0583 4326 586
Fax: +39 0583 4326 565

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