[EP-tech] Re: EPrints for Windows?

Tim Brody tdb2 at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Mon Feb 27 13:11:20 GMT 2012

On Sat, 2012-02-25 at 00:46 +0100, Miklos wrote:
> Tim Brody wrote:
> > Sums up my experience of the 3.0 port to Windows. Troublesome
> > politics attached to that effort ...
> OK, so I installed a virtual machine framework on my PC, then Ubuntu
> 11.10, and then lamp and eprints.
> After having done that (didn't notice any errors or warnings), I tried
> branding the home page, but:
>      1. When I "su eprints", it asks me for a password (but it hadn't
>         asked me to set one during config); I bypassed that with "sudo
>         su eprints", but would appreciate understanding what happened
>         here.

su = change to another user
sudo su = call 'su' as root, who can change to any user
(Everything on Ubuntu is sudoed)

>      1. I set a new logo, and edited the index.xpage

Set a logo how?

The "site_logo" is defined in

To reload configuration do:
./bin/epadmin reload
Or restart Apache:
$ sudo restart apache2

You can override the default logo by placing a new file of the same
path/name in archives/[archiveid]/cfg/static/.
Refreshing the page in your browser should be sufficient to get the new
(or bin/generate_static --prune to force it)

>      1. I then typed "bin/generate_views myarchivename", and had the
>         following warnings:
>         Warning! No values were found for eprint.view.year [date] -
>         configuration may be wrong
>         as well as for "subjects", "divisions", "creators". 
>         And the home page was unchanged.

Views are /view/*. You don't need to explicitly call generate_views, as
they will be generated on demand (or not, if there's no content).

> I couldn't find any reference to that warning anywhere and how to fix
> this to get the generate_views to work (I am using the online wiki doc
> as reference, and understand it's not that up-to-date, including the
> address of the installation, which is not /opt/... but /usr/share/...

There's some pretty ancient instructions on the Wiki. We try not to
break backwards compatibility but many tasks have been greatly
simplified over the years (or are redundant).


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