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Mark Gregson mark.gregson at qut.edu.au
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Hi Mario

We had the same problem in 3.2. I think the solution was to implement a custom orderkey on the author's id field which our author view is based on (in our repository the id field contains family_name + given_name). The custom order key uses Text::Unidecode<http://search.cpan.org/perldoc/Text::Unidecode> to strip the diacritics from letters for sorting and grouping purposes. See example below.

use Text::Unidecode;

sub make_id_orderkey_single


      my ( $self, $value, $session, $langid, $dataset ) = @_;

      # convert to upper case ASCII

      my $orderkey = uc( unidecode( $value ) );

      # ignore apostrophes and hyphens

      $orderkey =~ s/['-]//g;

      return $orderkey


Kind regards


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I use eprints 3.3.7 in dev server  and 3.2.9 in production and i notice then both when we use a french accent in the authors name the sort do not use utf8_general _ci to sort correctly the é goes after the z letter (like we use utf8_bin) (in browse by author and in sort by author or title after search) i look in the sql table eprint_ordervalue_fr  creators_name the collate is utf8_general_ci that sort perfecly (phpmyadmin) i already have this bug in older version of eprints and to correct the bug i modify utf8_bin to utf8_general_ci who sort everyting correcly after this change but now the table collation is correct so i take a look on view.pl but nothing there to sort i take a look on view.pm who seem to sort the browse by author but i am not sure what to modify exactly

Thank for your help

look here the Bé... is at the end of B letter http://espace.etsmtl.ca/view/creators/index.B.html

or this one whewe É is a new letter after the A http://espace2.etsmtl.ca/view/master_director/index.A-=C9.html


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