[EP-tech] Re: Very odd screen coming up on EPrints 3.3.10. Help!?

John Salter J.Salter at leeds.ac.uk
Fri Dec 7 16:59:10 GMT 2012

You have a 'lightbox' defined twice.
The first one is hidden properly, the second one is what you are seeing.

If you use Firebug you'll be able to see it (probably just above the </body> tag).

If you've installed something like the Kultur extension that includes a lightbox, over 3.3.10 that also has a lightbox, this is the result.
Things get even more funky if you have two things thumbnailing your images - I got some *very* interesting (and *very* broken) results from that!

If that doesn't put you on the right path, let me know!

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Hello all,

Can anyone help with this.  It is very disturbing.  :-/

All the best,


David Kane, MLIS.
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