[EP-tech] Moving EPrints to a New server

Francisco Ralón fralon at altiplano.uvg.edu.gt
Mon Dec 3 22:25:36 GMT 2012

Dear Friends:

I am re-sending this message as I cannot believe I have had no answers to it

We have a new server to which we plan to move our old repository.  This one
was in Fedora, but the new server is in Debian.  
We have these questions for which we have not found answers in the

1.  	 We have stored some 645 documents already (using Fedora).  Can they
be exported somehow and then
imported to the EPrints in the new server using Debian?   We have v. 3.3.1
in the new server

2.	Our main interest is saving those 645 documents as they are, in
not to loose all the time and effort it took to create them in the

Thank you for your help.  

Francisco Ralon
Universidad del Valle de Guatemala Altiplano Solola. Guatemala.  

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