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Yes it has been done in sequence such as "reload archive_ID, generate_static archive_ID" and finally eprints idexer restart.
Any other clues would be appreciable.

with thanks

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Have you run generate_static after your changes?

Check the documentation here: http://wiki.eprints.org/w/Branding_with_confidence#Overriding_default_style_rules



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I have been using eprints 3.2.8 and I am in need to change tool bar items such as menus, seoarators, adding new menus and changing background colors etc. Even after changing the style sheet features at .../archives/archive_ID/lib/statuc/style/auto/template.css and ../archives/archive_ID/cfg/static/style/auto/local_file.css as well, there is no change effected on the browser. I have also restarted the routine services required to do so as to effect the changes.  I am unable to locate the file "archives/deposit/cfg/lang/en/phrases/dynamic.xml" in local repository. Can anyone help me?

with thanks 

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