[EP-tech] [bug] broken OAI support in 3.3.10

Radoslaw Moszczynski r.moszczynski at uw.edu.pl
Mon Aug 20 20:06:50 BST 2012


It seems that the OAI scripts which ship with Eprints 3.3.10 are


After a recent upgrade to 3.3.10, our repository started to fail the OAI
Repository Explorer test suite (http://re.cs.uct.ac.za/). Specifically,
our repository fails test no. 8 -- ListIdentifiers (resumptionToken,

This test expects the repository to respond with an error, because the
submitted query is not legal according to the specification
-- it contains both the metadataPrefix and resumptionToken arguments,
whereas the spec says that resumptionToken must be an exclusive argument
if the verb is ListIdentifiers. However, Eprints 3.3.10 treats this
query as valid and gives a non-error response.

Repro steps:

Try running the OAI Repository Explorer tests on
http://bc.klf.uw.edu.pl/cgi/oai2 and observe the results for test 8.

Best regards-

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