[EP-tech] Re: Documents component with options unrolled from the start

Tim Brody tdb2 at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Mon Aug 20 15:09:32 BST 2012

If you're using the AJAX upload then, yes, the document box won't be

To unroll it will require some changes to the javascript
(89_component_documents.js I believe).


On Mon, 2012-08-20 at 13:18 +0200, Florian Heß wrote:
> Hi,
> what I found to my problem on the net is rather old, it refers to early 
> version 3.0.1:
> On 4/13/07, Christopher Gutteridge <cjg at ecs.soton.ac.uk> wrote:
> [...]
>   * Upload component: if there is only one document, then it is
> "unrolled"
>      in the interface - saves a click.
> Right after uploading a document in the workflow, however, the options 
> are hidden in 3.3.6,7,8,10 EPrints versions, even for the first 
> document. Might be a regression, but anyway, how to have the options 
> automatically unrolled for the one document _just uploaded_?
> I'm afraid I need to hack the Upload help, to integrate a 
> javascript/prototype snippet (Event.observe) or something that 'clicks' 
> simply _all_ "Show options" buttons in the first place? I'd be glad if 
> there is a cleaner solution. Any hint appreciated, thank you :-).
> Kind regards,
> F Heß

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