[EP-tech] Re: table vs div

Sebastien Francois sf2 at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Fri Aug 17 11:03:50 BST 2012

Hi all,

This is an area we will definitely be looking into for the future 
releases - the rendering needs a good cleanup & decoupling from the core.

Denis, I'll be looking into jQuery a bit more, it surely seems to have 
some nice UI widgets available....


On 16/08/12 10:40, John Salter wrote:
> I'll wholeheartedly say 'yes' to this!
> In HTML5 there are plenty of extra input options to help us too (type="email", type="url" etc.).
> It would be one thing to rewrite all the 'render' functions to not use tables, but I'm not sure how much there is in the javascript that would need changing.
> It's interesting to see how you've approached the jQuery integration.
> I'm doing it a slightly different way, calling it in the template and using the 'noConflict' approach:
> <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.1/jquery.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
> <script type="text/javascript">jQuery.noConflict();</script>
> <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jqueryui/1.8.18/jquery-ui.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
> I'm not sure which is best!
> As for adding id's, this may be tricky to do at a high level (you have a non-repeatable field, id is OK. I have the same field but it's repeatable: id is bad. One approach to this would be to have something in the workflow format to allow adding class/ids to stage/component/field (rubbish example - sorry!):
>    <stage name="type" id="eprint-type" class="workflow-start">
>      <component class="list-with-explanations"><field ref="type" required="yes" id="eprint-field-type" /></component>
>    </stage>
> All-in-all though, a big 'yes' to looking at this.
> I'd happily take a handful of files and strip tables out of them. Possibly an idea for a distributed JISC project..?
> Cheers,
> John
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> Dear all,
> I would like to start a discussion about EPrints theming.
> I am working on many different installation of EPrints (thanks EPrints
> team for all the support you give to me!) and for every installation the
> question from the final user is always the same: "it is nice, all those
> functionalities and so on, but can you now make it look better?".
> Obviously yes, but customizing EPrints in the web2.0 world require lot
> of effort because of the hard coded elements: many of them are tables
> and many of the tables does not have ids nor classes to identify them.
> I would propose for the futures version of EPrints to move to a more div
> oriented approach, identifying every item via a class and a unique id,
> in the way modern css works.
> This will improve the way the final user create custom themes
> (http://test.michael-culture.org/ a installation I'm working on, with a
> look and feel heavily customized, in alpha test).
> I know you guys are working hard in making more substantial changes and
> improvements, but I am ready to help for this kind of changes that does
> not requires advanced perl knowledge. I am also working in replacing all
> the prototype javascript with jquery.
> Maybe we can have another branch in your svn to help you guys with those
> changes, adding divs, classes, ids and so on.
> Just my two cents and thanks again for the great tool you are working on,
> Denis
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