[EP-tech] Secrurity profile of E-Pirnts

Francisco Ralón fralon at altiplano.uvg.edu.gt
Thu Aug 9 22:58:51 BST 2012

Dear friends: 


We have developed a virtual library using E-Prints, and up to now we have
some 500 records in it.  But now that I thought we are ready to put it on
line, our informatics manager is questioning what he calls “the security
profile” of this software.  He wants me to tell him what risks we run if we
install our virtual library in the institutional server.   I am a librarian,
not an informatics professional, and I do not find any information regarding
this issue in the E-Prints website.  ¿How can E-Prints affect other
softwares installed in the same server?  ¿Can it serve as gateway to
viruses, Trojans, etc. which  would infect the server?  ¿What other risks
might it have?  Are there documented cases of problems with security issues
that would be helpful to me?  

Any information you would share with me would be greatly appreciated.  


Francisco Ralón 


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