[EP-tech] Views: Sections but no menu hierarchy

Florian Heß hess at ub.uni-heidelberg.de
Thu Apr 19 08:54:00 BST 2012


how can I configure a view without a menu level hierarchy but with 
alphabetical sections? Ommitting the menu parameter completely, only 
defining variations => [ "title;first_letter" ] would result in an error 
message that demands a 'fields' declaration which the Wiki says is 

We want A to Z pages that contain video as well as audio documents 
(filters parameter works fine for views despite it is not documented, 
thanks for the tip!) listed under the initial letter of their titles, 
and we'd like to avoid having to spend another ton of inodes for a menu 
page per title just to be clicked through. Can't think of a criterion 
the value of which all a/v-docs have in common, that could serve as the 
first menu level in which we'd link directly the lonely twig.

Is there a way to configure such a view?


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