[EP-tech] LDAP / CAS / EPrints::DataObj::User ?

Bernd Diekmann bernd.diekmann at uni-oldenburg.de
Thu Apr 5 14:16:10 BST 2012


we are building up EPrints 3.3.8, which should work with our CAS
(Single Sign On). The howto's for CAS and LDAP for the definition
of a function 'current_user' are very helpful, but the method of
DataObj::User i.e.
    $new_user = EPrints::DataObj::User::create($self, 'user');
seems not to work as expected, this statement produces many userids 
(type "user") without any attribute (without any ...->commit() !)
or dies without any error in the errorlog.

Has anyone experiences adapting CAS or LDAP under Eprints 3.3.n or a
function 'current_user' ?


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